Elemental Halo

Elemental Halo

Since there hasn’t been an update in a while i decided to post an update about what’s going on with our clan and what you can expect coming up from us.

First off zack and I will be posting news more often because now there are two of us and because Zack got a new laptop, speeding up the process. Zack gave me power to update the site because he doesn’t have the time always. This now giving the community a chance to always be on top of what’s going on in the TC clan.

V-bulletin: As many of you know Incogneto45 donated his forums to us after being accepted as the newest Team Conquest member! Hopefully these forums will start being built and constructed this weekened, so look for the forums to be up soon! 

Comics 1 year Anniversary: Csonic recently announced the 1 year anniversary of his comics. His post about it can be found. Go and congratulate and/or get in on the act and make a special 1 year anniversary comic for him for all his hard work! 

That’s all for now, check back soon with updates on our new VB forums!