Movies in the Works

Movies in the Works

I come to you today to tell you we are currently working on 2 new movies! One is called MLG Wannabe. The other one is called Spartan vs. Elite. Sadly, production for both of these have been delayed because of absences of some members. You can see a screen shot from MLG Wannabe

On to member news, A Salty Chip will be gone at least for a week because he is moving back to Texas. He has been moving a lot lately, hopefully this is the last time. Lhk97 is also going to be gone for a week. I have no idea where he is going, but you can read his thread. Hopefully they’re back soon so we can finish up those 2 projects!  Also in member news, J Boy left the clan. He left to help a friend out with his clan. I don’t know when/if he’ll be coming back. We will also be recruiting a few new members soon! More news on that later.

Movies in the Works

One last thing, if you’re a fan of HollywoodNHouse and want to support us, you can use the fan bars that I made. Thanks to Lhk97 for the animated version. You can get more upcoming movies information on

Some New Content

Well everyone in the past 24 hours I have been improving the website and forum. If you havn’t noticed yet, at the bottom of this page, there is a login box for the forums. If you are already logged in, it displays your PM’s, how much posts that have been posted since your last visit, the last time you visited, and other forum stats. Please know that when you login here you will still have to click on “Forum” on the left navigation.

Another few things I added were new forum buttons and statusicons. You can read the full story of that.

HnCash Shop

Some of you may remember back on the Invision Free forum the “hnCash Shop” we had. Well now it’s back and fully functional. for rules and more info.

I hope everyone likes these new additions as much as I do. Enjoy!